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house cocktails

tanner’s big orange homemade greenville orange-ade, espresso infused denizen and Zaya rum, clove water, farm egg white, whiskey barrel bitters | $12

ticky tacky dakwiri seasonal fruit, espolon blanco, absinthe rinse, squeezed lemon, sugar cube | $10

doctor’s orders bluecoat gin, coconut water, fresh squeezed lime, domaine de canton, lemon bitters | $11

plum delicious house bubbles with damson plum gin liqueur | $8

killer rabbit carrot infused vodka, gingered cocchi americano aperitif, north georgia apple syrup | $11

dixie cup $9
4 roses bourbon, red rock ginger ale, sugar cane syrup, lime twist

flight 747 $10
trio of house bubbles with rhubarb, cherry and orange bitters


indochine $7
coconut water, muddled cucumber, cardamom, lime, syrup, soda water

ellijay ole’ fashion $6
spiced hand pressed cider, cubed sugar, muddled lemon slices

orange blossom special $5
local honey, muddled naval orange slices, edgewood gardens mint, soda

roy rogers | shirley temple $3
cola (roy) | ginger ale (shirley), grenadine, orange slice